The Muse

The work and practice of the artist Andy Goldsworthy resonates deeply with us. It provides inspiration for how we seek to approach our craft.

Andy works in situ in nature, with simple, honest, beautiful, found objects and materials – rocks, pebbles, leaves, twigs, water, ice, sunlight. Through a painstaking, open-ended, tactile, iterative process, he embarks on toilsome journeys of discovery and creation to produce arrangements that respond to the elements of material, shape, mass, color, weight, “identity” of each component — and their potential to interact with and “talk” to one another — that are surprising, magical, beautiful yet “feel right”.

We seek to be the Andy Goldsworthy of life sciences innovation. In place of leaves, pebbles and twigs, we work with technologies, deep areas of scientific and medical expertise, and the unique personalities and talents of the people involved; the site of our practice is the global life sciences innovation landscape, with its own “shifting elements” of scientific, regulatory, commercial, business and financial considerations.

Pebble by pebble, conversation by conversation, we hope to discover paths that make sense and help build ventures that ultimately can also make an impact.

Andy Goldsworthy Touching Nature book by William Malpas - Bookcover