Herringbone is part Special Advisor to startups and companies, part Venture Atelier, and part ecosystem partner, forging new modes of collaboration within the global life sciences landscape to amplify the reach and impact of technologies residing in companies and academia.

Just as each atelier is informed by the skill, sensibility and experience of its craftsfolk, so too Herringbone. We do not pretend to have all the answers or be the right fit for everyone. Our approach blends deep rigor and creativity in the realms of science, technology, business, regulation and finance.

For researchers and founders, we help refine technology, product, business and financing strategies. From these partners, we gather rights to apply their technologies in areas that are orthogonal to their core areas of focus. Over time, these technology rights enrich our Venture Atelier toolkit and widen the range of interesting projects Herringbone is able to catalyze.

For biotech partners, we seek to enhance the rigor of in-house programs and strategies, and amplify the impact of sponsors’ technologies in new areas that fall outside the sponsors’ corporate mandates, resources and established areas of expertise. One way we do this is by helping to incubate programs outside of the sponsors’ primary areas of focus, at times marrying what is available in-house with other technologies or areas of biological expertise within our Venture Atelier toolkit and partner network.

For government partners, we help catalyze new venture and job creation, and enrich the local life sciences ecosystem by working with founders to craft compelling startups to which we draw critical stakeholders – talent, corporate partners and specialist investors.

For all our partners, we create a platform that facilitates conversations, where the ticket to the party is a willingness to work collaboratively and pre-competitively. Drawing on our wide network, we can facilitate introductions and conversations that otherwise might not happen.

Herringbone is based in Singapore, but has a global network of deep relationships and adopts a global mindset with regard to partners and markets.